About Us

Kroam D

Kroam D, is a producer, rapper and co-founder of K-Style Productions. At a young age Kroam D discovered that he had talent in music and started making music using just a keyboard. As he got older his talent grew with him. Kroam D started using FL Studios since he started producing music. When you hear his music and his mastering skills, you can’t tell that all it was just from FL Studios and just a computer. Kroam D has been producing music since 1998. His talent has grown so much as far as doing things just by ears. Kroam D has a talent that is rare to most producers and that is doing everything by ear.

Lady Ice

Lady Ice, is a designer, manager and co-founder of K-Style Productions. Lady Ice has put an great amount of time and effort into building K-Style Productions. Lady Ice brings great designs with website building, graphic designing, brings great management works with contracts, setting up collaborations, gigs and help gives input on artists during rehearsal.